Careless Whisker


If you constantly read my blog or follow me on Instagram, then you know by now that Hubsy and I rescued a cat a couple of years ago. Her name is Ming.

She always looks grumpy and up to no good but she is the kindest cat ever. Tbh, I don’t even know how we got so lucky having her. 🥰

Today I am sharing a few photos of her again just to update you of how she is nurtured and loved (so much 😻):

Ming is literally just like me. At first she is always too cautious with new people. But once she gets used to you she will show you great love. It took awhile for her to fully show her affection.
I was not a pet person. Hell, I don’t even think I am a people person! 😹 But Ming awaken something inside me. It’s a whole different kind of love. I think it’s called selflessness. 😹
If there is one thing I know I am certain of, Ming will always be my number 1. I honestly don’t know what I will do if I lose her. 😿 We are lucky to have someone as loving and caring as her. She is a blessing to Hubsy and I and we will continue to care for her and love her to infinity and beyond. 😻
Link to Why She Hates Us
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