Beavertail State Park – Jamestown, Rhode Island

I’m always in the lookout for Instagram worthy places. I guess by now you already know that I post a lot of photos on my Instagram account. (Follow me: the_flaring_nostrils on IG) 🙏🏼

Last week, the 17th of September 2019 was my birthday. The Hubsy usually bring me to scenic places for a photo shoot.

And let me tell you this, he did a great job picking the place and he outdone himself with absolutely stunning shots. (Not saying, I look good 😂 but he is getting better with my angles 😂 and I think it’s safe to say that for an old lady, I look great! 😂)

Someone once tried to throw me a shade about being a fashion victim. 🙄

I must say I handled that incident really well. I threw a shade back. There are no victims in fashion. We are all volunteers. 😂

Fashion is Art.

It’s a creative form of expression.

This is why I am a mood dresser. I accepted the fact since I was a kid that I do not have one specific type of fashion style. I’m easily bored to stick to one.

So I can dress however I want to dress. With whatever style. Or form.

I do me.

You do you.

So if I want to dress in white after Labor Day (btw, who the eff invented this no whites after Labor Day?) I will wear white. I will wear white whenever I want to wear white. I will wear whatever I want to wear and do whatever I want to do. It’s my life. Eff off!


I love gladiators.

As a matter of fact I had several of those. And someone (who will remain unnamed, eherm… my Mother 🙄) tried to fashion-shame me that I should dress according to age.

Eff that.

I dress according to age.

The age of un-innocence. 😂

So when people say I’m a fashionista, I usually just smile and say thank you. I appreciate that you appreciate my art.

My dream is for people to understand that while everyone cannot possess style and taste, fashion is present in all of us. Everything we wear or use is fashion be it crappy or thrashy for some that is what the wearer think of as fashion. It’s a choice. It’s within.

We are who we are and judging someone who prefers high end than mainstream clothing should be stopped. If a stylish fashionista wears an all Gucci outfit we should not go hating on her by saying, she over-accessorized or there’s a lot of people who don’t eat might as well donate. It’s their money. They worked for that money. They worked for the money they spent on a Gucci outfit. And if it’s their money, it’s their decision to spend it wherever they want to spend it. Not yours. You have no say on that. That’s not your call.

What you should do is to concentrate on your own life. Focus on your own career. Wear the dress you want to wear. Live the life you want to live. You only have a direct access to your own life. Change.

It’s your life. Your rules.

Be the change you want to see.


(Fringe lace cover up by Angie, Dress by No Rest for Bridget, Gladiators by Jeffrey Campbell, Sunnies by Sunniesph)