Seas The Day

I have RBF. That’s Resting Bitch Face for my non-millennial readers. Hey, I’m no millennial either but I guess we need to keep up. 😂

When people first see me they immediately assume I’m a Bitch. When they get to know me better they realize that assumption is real. 😂

Listen, I’m a realist and I know I’m not a very likable person but then again, who effin’ cares? Life is short to be concerned on what other people think of you. 😸

I don’t really talk that much on first meetings. Much as I would like to say I’m shy I guess that would be a lie. Some would say I’m calculating, I guess I’m just going to listen over here and see for myself if I can trust you. And as the day progressed I will decide for myself whether you are worthy enough to be a confidant of my deepest darkest secrets 😂 or we can be friendly to each other or we can just be civil. Or we can be enemies, although you would not want me to be your enemy. But if you insist, I will oblige. 😂

If you happen to follow me on IG that means you know I’ve been posting throwbacks lately. That’s because I am purging my photo storage on my iPhone. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Also, because I’ve been seeing a lot of photos the nostalgia kicked in.

When I start a conversation with: “When I was in Dubai….” that’s partly because I miss the place. Or the people. Or the experience.

But I am a hundred percent certain that I have maximized my stay in 🇦🇪 to the best of my knowledge. I know there are gazillion places to go (which I haven’t been to) but since I was working full time at the hotel, I just played with the cards I’m dealt with.

(Wild Wadi with great view of Jumeirah Beach Hotel aka the Wave)

(With my good friend, Henry aka Kim)

(with one of my Bestfriends, JV)

I always had fun when I’m with my GC friends. They are not just my ally. They are family.

(I kinda miss this LV bag 🤦🏻‍♀️ and I have no recollection what happened to this bag. 🤦🏻‍♀️)

(This billabong swimsuit was my go-to…)

(With Perpie and BB 🥰)

(My girls)

Life will always be an enigma to me. It brings me to places I’ve never been, experience things I’ve never had and met new friends who became family.

Life will always bring us joy as long as we invite joy in our lives.

Seize the day! 🕶