The Beach is Back

I’m a big fan of OBX. Do I want to go back? Absolutely! Do I want to go back soon? Maybe not. ATM, I just want to enjoy the bounty of New England.

Some wise men said, Do not be a stranger in your own country. So this year is devoted to traveling within New England.

For now let me share my OBX (Outerbanks, North Carolina) escapades, finally blog about it and in the process, immortalize those moments.

It was the year that the Hubsy’s best friend got married. I was exhausted from work and all I wanted to do was have a staycation while the Hubsy attends the wedding.

You see, talking to guests 40 hours per week is exhausting. After that I do not want to even talk to anyone. At all.

But because I love people who loves my Hubsy, I decided that I have to witness that celebration of love.

And I did.

And it was a memory of a lifetime.

We rented a summer cottage with several other families. This has the best views, Hubsy and I walk by the beach in the morning before the the sun fully rises.

If you know me very well, I am not a big fan of sun and sand. The sun burn my skin too fast, my nose starts to peel and I look like Rudolph, the red-nose reindeer. 😎

So I enjoyed the view from afar. Every single day I look at my view and I was thankful for the moment.

Prior to this vacation, I was firm that the sole reason I agreed to coming is if I’m left alone in the room to enjoy my solitude.

I always enjoy the company I have when I’m alone. 😎

I didn’t mind when Hubsy partied all night. That’s how he wanted to spend his vacation. When I wanted to sleep and enjoy the view, he didn’t mind as well.

He didn’t mind if I stayed all day in the room sleeping and enjoying every minute of freedom from work. 🙀

My sunrise.

I vividly remembered this trip was a decision-maker. I was Torn between taking a promotion or giving up my 7-3pm shift. After this vacation I decided to pass on the promotion which by that time the best decision to make.

The swing that gives you the feels.

I ate a lot.

Of course, the pool was the only place I can swim. I will never swim in the sea. 🤦🏻‍♀️

But I will enjoy looking at Wild Horses.

I drove a Go-Kart.

Visited Parks.

Nights at the Rodanthe.

It was possibly one of the best vacation I had in my lifetime. I want to be alone and I can easily mingle when I feel like it.

People respected my choice. I had a good rest most of the time, something I haven’t felt for the longest time.

It was chaotic yet for me, it was serene.

Outerbanks, one day I will go back. Thank you for the memories. It’s been real!

Drop 🎤