Dubai Throwback

I am a storyteller. I enjoy sharing my experiences in life as I get old (er) in hopes that it would either serve as a lesson or an inspiration to others. 🤞🏼 it’s the latter.

And since it’s Thursday let me tell you a story of when I was working in 🇦🇪:

If you work in a hotel (or at least at the hotel I worked at) in Dubai, you only have 1  OFF day per week, uniforms are picked up from the laundry area at the accommodation and dropped off after work on daily basis to ensure that you look up to code, hair should be in a bun or away from your face at all time, no excessive jewelry as you should look classy and not thrash-y, make-up should be simple, it is not recommended to go to work without make-up or at least lipstick, nails should be clipped and only nude or pastel color manicure allowed, you have your own locker and you should never bring your bag to the Front Desk, phones are not allowed to be used (hello-write-up!), if you are sick you have to go to the hospital and get a Doctor’s note, if you cant provide one (hello-write-up!), there is no dental insurance so you have to pay the Dentist directly, there is health insurance with a co-pay, you cannot use the Guests restroom at all cost (hello-verbal warning!), Public holidays can only be used after the Holiday, there are 4-5 receptionists each shift, 1 Supervisor, 1 AFOM per shift, during overnight shift aka Graveyard there are 2 or 3 receptionist, 1 night audit and the Night Manager (usually the very cute guy who told JV that he will kiss him if I will go on a date with him and JV replied, but she used to be a MAN? Of course he was joking but the Indian receptionists did not get it as a joke, started spreading rumors and I have to go to HR to put a stop to it! DUH???!!!), my team (the Guest Relations) always have 1 GR and 1 Supervisor in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 mid-shift, we have 1 Lobby Hostess per shift but we used to be comprised of 5 Lobby Hostesses, 4 GR, 1 Supervisor, 1 GRM. Before I left Dubai, I was a GRS (Guest Relations Supervisor) and my Boss offered to promote me to Assistant GRM. Unfortunately I have to decline because I am getting married here in US and I had high hopes that life is going to be a little better.

On our usual house parties, RB (our AFOM) is the designated party host because he has the biggest room. Managers has suite-type room at the accommodation and so conducive to parties.

Here’s one of our epic themed party:

It was a pleasure to have known this people. Each and every one of them made a mark in my heart. I know that most of the OFW’s battle homesickness which sometimes can be unbearable but everything seems to be fine when I am around this people. As I have worked for more than a decade in the hospitality industry mainly in the Front Office, I feel like I already know how the system works. It may not always be a unified team but if you are pitted with other team we will most definitely emerge as the winner. We are after all considered the HUB.

(I always dress up even if it’s just a party in our accommodation 🥰 I’m extra like that!)

Thank you guys for making sure that everything I was a part of (during my 4 year stint in Dubai) was always effortlessly successful.

Keep smiling everyone!