Cafe Water Street – Warren, Rhode Island

If you love coffee and gourmet crepes and you are in Warren, there’s only one place to be. That’s right, it’s Cafe Water Street.

I’ve been here several times with Hubsy. He was the one who introduced this place to me and they have amazing crepes.

The very first crepes I had was when I was in Cyprus. I worked at this fancy rooftop restaurant in Pafos and I remember hating every moment of it. My daily life song was, “I will survive!” That internship made me realize, I may not know what I want in life but I totally know what I don’t want. That, was reason enough. 😂

Anyway, the Chef from 🇧🇬 made me crepes every weekend. From then on, I love having crepes and always in the lookout for awesome crepes.

So when Hubsy brought me to Cafe Water Street, I was hooked.

It’s very laidback, perfect for me because when I’m off I just want to lay in bed or go out and space out. 😂

Hubsy always looks out for me and indulges me on my whims. Especially because it’s rare we have the same day off from work. 🥰

Hubsy got decaf tea and I had Iced Chai Latte.

I’m not a big fan of tea and I never drink coffee but I like this Iced Chai Latte with cinnamon. 😍

He ordered ham and cheese crepes with veggies.

Of course I have to try his crepes and it is absolutely amazing. I love how perfectly made the crepes are.

I ordered Strawberry and Banana with Nutella crepes.

The versatility of crepes never fail to amaze me. You can have it for breakfast, brunch and light dinner. The fillings may vary but the consistency of their crepes is phenomenal.

Warren is a quaint town known for its restaurants. This is a place for your gastronomic journey and I have tried most restaurants in the area.

And I am glad to call Warren, Home.


(Sunglasses by Charles & Keith, bangles by Alex and Ani, dress by Coco Cabaña, cardigan by belldini , gypsy sandals by ZigiSoho)