Floral Power

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” – (John Lennon)

When I met the Hubsy I was very specific that I do not want flowers for gifts. I remember saying, “I don’t eat flowers!” 🥰

I was never a big fan of flowers because I never wanted anything that doesn’t last. But living in a country with four seasons made me appreciate the symbolism it brings. Usually during winter most flowers are non-existent but Spring brings them back for us to enjoy it until fall.

Life as we know it has ups and downs. Sometimes we feel depressed, discouraged and left out due to unforeseen difficulties but we should always motivate ourselves that this day shall pass. There will be good days too.

Bad days are just reminders that we can always do better tomorrow. Be better and improve ourselves to be the best that we can be.

Through time I realized that the symbolism of flowers 🌸 is hope.

It never fails to uplift anyone. It brings joy to people who receives it and that happiness resonates.


(Floral dress by J. Crew, Fringe boots by Zara and Sunglasses by Roberto Cavalli)

📷 @_fowlplay