Escapades of Leya + Perpie

I met Perpie in Dubai circa 2007. She said that I was sassy (surprise, surprise) and even if I was cordial, I was aloof. That could be accurate but here is my version of the truth.

She was introduced by our Front Office Coordinator, Terrie to me while I was sitting on my desk at the hotel. Prior to Perpie’s arrival, 2 girls arrived on my team. They were Lobby Hostesses who immediately passed judgment to what we do and was clearly resistant learning the trade. I’m a very good mentor (and I have very strong work ethics, which I am willing to inculcate my colleagues) but I do not have patience with people who do not want to learn. With them, I let it go… I’m over-worked and under-paid to even gauge what they were thinking about me. Eventually, one girl moved out of the hotel and the other moved out of my team. There was an underlying story beneath their dislike (reciprocated hatred) towards me but that would be a different story. A story not even worth to be shared.

Anyway, when Terrie introduced Perpie to me I accommodated her with caution. Extreme caution that I do no wish to be her friend, especially after I learned through the grapevine that she hang out with Praphull. 😂😂😂

Our common friend GJ started including Perpie on our click and eventually she grew on me. If you will ask me (during our first meeting) if I can see myself being friends with her I would probably roll my eyes and give a smirk. If I’m bored, I can leave that question unanswered, if not I will possibly say NEVER. 🤪

But what do I know about first impressions anyway? I didn’t like my high school best friend the first time I saw her and I was sassy when I first saw my college best friend. So yeah, I am not good with first meetings. I am not a good judge of first impressions. 🤦🏻‍♀️

When we started hanging out, Perpie was not the ideal friend. Hell, I don’t know if friend is a word to describe her. She literally left us (me with another girl) with 2 guys at Trilogy only to realize that she left us for a tryst when she was head over heels with this Lebanese teenager. I was ballistic! If I was not tipsy I would have thought we were going to be stabbed to death and left out in the desert. But when I’m tipsy, I always hope for the best. So I was calm and collected. 🙄

There was another time when we went out to this Filipino Bar in Downtown Dubai that we were looking for her only to find her on a car with a random guy. GJ literally pulled her out of that car and threatened that we will never speak to her if she does not come with us. 😤

And how many times she blows my mind at work? Like the time, one guest asked for a lavatory and she replied, “It’s a hotel, there’s no laboratory here!” or the time we told guests she is a half-sister of Rica Peralejo (a Filipino movie star) or the million times she made me laugh.

I just can’t help falling in love with people who makes me laugh. 🤦🏻‍♀️

There are gazillion stories to tell in our work place. From her obsession with RB (turns out she is a chicken!) to her call-out’s with preposterous alibis, to her giving a middle finger to a guest (to be fair, the guest was a pain in the you-know-where. I know its not an excuse, but I’m just saying, to be fair!) to the time I got fed up with her call-out’s on my shift (which affects the flow of my task) and I made an executive decision which made her call-out only when I am OFF. 😂😂

As the day progressed I realized I like her. She is Funny and fun to be with. She cracks me up every time without fail. She has the tendency to lie but because I call her out on that, she tend to just be herself with me (on most times, 😅) She has a tendency to be envious and jealous but I think (and hope 🤞🏼) that nowadays she became a better version of herself.

She is Perpie 2.0

Perpie made a lot of bad decisions in life (as most people do) and some of those decisions are not to be published (out in the open) but one thing admirable about her is her tenacity. She will persist until she succeed.

She has the resilience to combat adversities. She is loyal and trustworthy and loving. She is determined and will always fight for her daughter. And everyone she loves. Without hesitation. 🥰

Perpie, you know that I love you and (possibly) always will. You made me appreciate you more and more every time. You are a good Mother and I believe you will continue to be one.

Thank you for making me laugh and for being a friend. I know that you got my back and I got yours. I am very proud of the person you have become and continue being a good example to your daughter. Always remember that if you are determined, you will get what you want in life. And never forget to always be cautious of your actions and decisions in life. “We are the product of the choices we make.”

May you have the happiness you truly deserve.

Happy Birthday Bestie! Love you always! Xx