Rogue Island (Providence)

A few steps outside of Hampton Inn & Suites (Providence, Rhode Island) is a place called The Arcade. It is known to be the oldest mall in America (Enclosed shopping mall to be precise), which now housed local shops and restaurants. One of which is called, Rogue Island.

When the Hubsy picked me up from work I asked him what’s for dinner. We passed by Rogue Island, backed up and decided to enter a parking lot. The big bearded guy inside Tommy’s Place (another restaurant next to Rogue Island) mouthed, No Parking Here!

We drove back to Weybosset St. and found a parking area. The guy working there said he’s already leaving so we can park for free. Hubsy said, “God Bless You!” and I just flashed him my best smile. šŸ˜‚

We dragged ourselves to The Arcade and inside there were several shops that was really cute but I just had a 10-hour shift and forgot to take a break. So Nothing really appeals to me but food.

The place was almost empty when we arrived, there were 3 guys in the bar with the bartender and our waitress, Jas. She was polite when she handed us the menu, it was affordable without hint of pretensions.

In a period of an hour, the place had 4 more tables occupied. We went after 5pm so if you are like me who enjoys a quieter restaurant come earlier.

Hubsy was not in the mood for anything but I just had a 10 hour shift so I am just emotionally eating.

We both agreed to Steamed Mussels:

Narragansett beer broth, fried shallots, Daniele chorizo, roasted red bliss potatoes, sweet corn, herbs, focaccia crisps

Hubsy and I are both mussels lovers, this dish is delicious but I felt that the taste of mussels is better accentuated with less ingredients.

It was a great dish nonetheless and we enjoyed it with a few more focaccia.

We split an order of Rogue Burger:

Aquidneck Farm (Portsmouth, RI) grass fed beef, Vermont Cabot cheddar, house b&b pickles, Rogue ketchup, roasted garlic aioli, arugula, brioche bun

I’m not a big fan of rare or medium rare beef. That red on a meat just gross me out, makes me feel like a Caveman. šŸ¤® So imagine my surprise when despite saying, medium well there was red in my meat.

Our server explained that it’s because it was a grass fed beef. Without the energy to argue, Hubsy convinced me to try it anyway.

It was really good provided I do not look at it while I’m munching. šŸ˜‚

I then asked for their Dessert Menu since I’m such a sucker for anything sweet. What caught my attention was the homemade ice cream, Vanilla Bourbon.

I have no photo to show it, simply because I devoured its existence. It was a feeling so familiar yet strange.

You see, I used to drink when I was younger. And when I say drink, I meant I was a drunk. šŸ˜‚ Let’s just say, I drank when I’m happy and I drank when I’m sad. And I drank in between those feelings. So yes, when I tasted that Ice Cream it was nostalgic for me. It was like welcoming a long lost friend.

I was dry drunk. šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø

Needless to say, I enjoyed our little impromptu date night. Hubsy and I were exhausted by our moving cribs, it was calming to know that although our new crib looks like an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive, at least by now we are slowly transitioning to a new life.

Did I mention Ming looks happier? šŸ˜


Sling bag (gift from Hubsy), stretchable pants by Kensie, black turtleneck by Verve Ami, camel booties by Bear Paw and Red Winter Jacket by Express