My Cat wants to be a Super-Meowdel

Why is that when one becomes a Mother you think that your offspring is gifted like no other?

Growing up, my Mom (the ultimate Tiger Mom) is always highly critical of us. She believes in tough love. Who else will point out the truth to us but her? And truth hurts, like a Mother-effer!

When I was in High School I went home from school and told my Mom that her cousin in-law (coach for baton twirling, we call it majorettes) asked me if I want to be one. My Mom, threw a fit and told me and I quote: “I love you you’re my daughter and for me you are the most beautiful girl in the world…. but you’re Not!” She argued that since I was so skinny people might criticize why I was selected to be a majorette. 🤦🏻‍♀️ And if and when that happens she might be in a heated argument with a lot of people. I argued, “but Auntie Nancy asked me.” She rebutted, “out of courtesy to me because she’s my cousin.” So I digressed. The bish got a point. 😂

When we officially adopted Ming, I was being my Mom. I was critical of how she walked (not sexy enough as a cat 🤦🏻‍♀️) or her eating a lot (Hubsy fed her too much) or her sleeping all day. 😂 I’m a first time cat-owner so don’t judge!

Then Hubsy told me that I should leave her be, she can be whoever she wants to be. I started talking to my fellow fur-mama’s at work (👋🏼 Bai and Christie 😻) and learned a lot from them. Especially the sleeping part where I’m not even allowed to disturb her, this is why she also disturbs us when we sleep because she thinks it’s normal.

In the end, we still lead by example. Our actions are still better than words. 😻

When I started taking Ming’s photos I realized she actually respond to me when I ask her to pose. Especially when I stroke her ego and tell her how beautiful she is. 😹 But she is beautiful, for me, because she is my baby.

My pride and joy.

So now, she wanted to be not just a meowdel but a Super-meowdel! I will support her. With whatever she wants to be in life.

Let’s see where her dedication goes. 😻

Xx 💋