The Most Flattering Swimsuit

” To look good in the water you have to pick the right swimsuit. ” (Amanda Beard)

What is the perfect swimsuit and where can I buy those?

After years of searching for the most flattering swimsuit I decided that I should leave the bikinis for the millennials. Much as I love how it looks on others, my kangaroo pouch would beg to disagree. Nope, I am not self-body-shaming (if that’s even a word or phrase) I am merely stating a fact.

One of the thing I am accused of constantly is self-deprecation. I cannot for the life of me seem to know how to handle a compliment. But I am trying my best (nowadays) to say “Thank you” without reducing my value. It’s a habit I need to change and in due time I will be comfortable with it. For the self-righteous readers, please bear with me.

So I chanced upon this Victoria’s Secret High Waisted 2 piece and I thought to myself, this could be the one.

It will absolutely tuck my “built-in belt bag” and with the right kimono cover-up, I might even look great.

I even found the perfect emoji to encapsulate my “fashion feelings” when I found the perfect style of swimwear.

I absolutely do not have the perfect body. My boobs are big (for my body) and I do not have hips (those hips don’t lie according to Shakira!). I also have a beer belly yet I do not drink beer. (Ha ha ha) I think the last beer I tasted was possibly 10 years ago.

High waisted bikinis absolutely saved my summer life. It tucks your bloatedness and provides flattering photos.

They say, love the body you’re in. That’s true. I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with my body. I think because I am a very moody person.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the body I am in. It is only when I love one particular clothing that does not fit me, that’s when I start hating. Then I realize, I have other attractive attributes. Like my smile. Which is very rare. (Ha ha ha)

In my opinion, it’s okay to get insecure sometimes but don’t let it eat you up. Diversion is KEY. Make use of your other attributes that your flaws would not even matter.

Read, write, blog, vlog, get a hobby, educate yourself. Life is too short to think about the minutest of details. The world is vast. Travel. See the world. Because if you die, when you die, the money you saved or the debts you paid will no longer matter.

Learn how to succeed and not just how to survive. It does not matter if you fail, at least you know you’ve tried.

One thing I have learned in my few decades of existence, no matter what your age, race, gender or size the most flattering swimsuit (or any clothing per se) will have no bearing if you do not have the confidence to boost it.

Forget about what other people will say. Everybody is a critic. Just focus on yourself. Be a better version of YOU.

Keep smiling y’all! Xx