Osamequin Nature Trails

Osamequin Nature Sanctuary offers visitors a place to enjoy a diverse sample of Rhode Island’s coastal plant and animal communities along the west shore of the Barrington River’s Hundred Acre Cove, Rhode Island’s most extensive and pristine inland estuarine system. This system has been noted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to be one of the 50 most important coastal marshes between Long Island and Cape Cod. The trail system on the preserve provides many views of the cove as well as the various habitats and environments within the preserve. The trails are all easy and flat and each habitat type is accessible to refuge visitors via the color coded trails which begin with the green trail at the park entrance.
(source: exploreri.org)

Osamequin Nature Trails is a place to visit if you love nature and birds sanctuaries.

Most recently I went back with Hubsy and my Mom but she’s old school Asian, let me tell you why:

I love going to places for photo-ops meanwhile she likes going to places and get her photo taken near the huge signage just so she wont forget the name of the place she’s been to. (ha ha ha)

Anyway, I enjoyed spending time with her but she was bitching all the time about going back home to the Philippines.

I would like to grab this opportunity to actually thank everyone of you who read my blog and my Instagram page. To celebrate my 300th post on IG, I will be having a small giveaway. Please stay tuned and check my IG stories constantly.

Keep smiling y’all. Life is good. Xx