Brenton and Benjamin: A Casual Day in Newport

“I really love good food occasionally, but I need time to enjoy it, and I need to be hungry.” (Clare Balding)

One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been is Newport. I am always in awe of its old-world charm.

When I got married and decided to move to New England with the love of my life, my first job ever was in Newport (Rhode Island) and I love it so much. More (love) of the town than the work place. I was (still am) amazed by the type of guests we have at the hotel. Okay, from time to time we have those “delinquents” but mostly just happy  preppy guests. And the town is absolutely amazing that I will never get tired going back for visits.

I now work in Providence, with more diverse type of guests and the city is equally amazing as Newport but totally different package. Providence has more hip and eclectic ambiance while Newport is more of classic laid-back and old-school.

The Hubsy (usually a grumpy driver was more accepting of his role today) and I, decided to try  Benjamin’s together. I dined at Benjamin’s a couple of times but never with The Hubsy. He has a better (and more sophisticated) palate than mine. I guess because I never really enjoyed food growing up, my Mother has only 2 choices in the table everyday: (1) Take it or (2) Leave it. (Ha ha ha)

Benjamin’s was described (by Google) as: Cozy, casual tri-level steak & seafood restaurant with a raw bar, cocktails & views of the harbor.

I love that this place boast of authenticity. I am not a big fan of anything RAW but don’t you think this looks awesome?

(The Hubsy ordered Bacon + eggs (over-easy) + potatoes + wheat)

(I ordered Corned beef hash + eggs (over-easy) + potatoes + rye)

Eggs Over-easy is perfection…

And the bill…

Made us HAPPY:

Tip 1: Start your day with a full stomach (especially during peak season or weekends where its flocked by tourists) because once you go to Bellevue Ave. where the Mansions are, there’s no restaurants within “easy-walking” distance on that area.  Plus the fact that traffic is a killer! I’d rather had breakfast, go to the tourist spots then go back downtown for early dinner. Parking is scarce and extremely expensive so my strategy will be, plan ahead.

NB: As I am an absolute fan of STAYCATIONS, I will share more of Newport in the days to come. I used to work there for almost 2 years and never tire looking at the breathtaking views and people (I love people-watching!) and their sumptuous seafood restaurants.

Tip 2: Don’t miss the chance of passing by Brenton State Park, it is on the way to Castle Hill Inn  and Fort Adams if you are going there.  Do the Ocean Drive loop (aka Ten Mile Drive) and you will maximize your day in this amazing place called Newport.

Here’s to more vacations and staycations shared with enormous amount of laughter and sometimes (very rarely) tantrums.

Keep smiling! Xx