Denim Love

Giorgio Armani once said,  JEANS represent democracy in fashion.

It is actually liberating to wear jeans. We all know that women started wearing trousers in the 20’s but prior to that they wore skirts and dresses. During that era, women who wore jeans were ridiculed, for men they were disrespectful. For me they were trailblazers. Those women paved a path to our fashion independence.

Wearing jeans is practical and functional at the same time. I have always been into fashion but not so much into trend. This is because I am a mood-dresser and I rely on my mood when I dress up. Or down.

As I’ve said, depends on the mood.

Troodos Massiff – Cyprus

When I was younger, I was more interested to interact with people. My Aunt Arlene sent us a lot of imported stuff from here (USA) and I remember having Pink Nike’s and Guess shirts and pants and a lot of beautiful things when I was in High School. I was on trend with a very bad hair day all through-out high school. If that was not ironic, I’ll be damned!

It was a bit tough during college but I managed. I just played it cool. Ripped jeans, chuck taylor and white tees or any baggy shirts. That was a lot of FUN because I was finally out of the bad hair day zone. But there was a lot of booze involved so being on-trend was not the priority anymore.

Then  I started having a major crush on this cute guy (named Ryan) I started dressing-up and I never looked back.

Denim jeans and denim Yankee cap (Central Park-New York)

Skinny jeans with girly top (King Richard’s Faire – Massachusetts)

Denim jacket (The Elms-Newport, Rhode Island)

Flared jeans 90’s style (photo taken at Crescent Park-Rhode Island)

My forever peg – fashion icon, Kate Moss (image courtesy of Pinterest)

They say, DENIM is like your best friend. You can dress-up or dress-down, through high (heels) or low (flats), thick or thin, sickness or health, YOU will always look good with jeans. Plus the fact that they last long and defy time.

I am a huge fan of anything denim.

Ripped jeans are my fave

During college, I dated this guy (Rommel) and he gave me my first Levi’s ripped jeans. It was my favorite. Even after we broke up I never parted with the jeans. That jeans was my happy ever-after.

(Colt State Park, Bristol, Rhode Island)

(Marble House, Newport, Rhode Island)

And because I love denim so much, Chambray is the next best thing.

Even my friends shared the same love for Denim (with Naomi at Brenton State Park)

Dressed down (Hilton Providence)

Kensie jeans with an artsy shoes my Dad-in-law bought me.

Dressed up (Hilton Povidence)

(Portland, Maine)

To my fellow denim-lovin’ gals, we have come a long way. Let us celebrate our independence and savor each moment because today we are no longer reprimanded to wear jeans. We can wear whatever we like. We can be whoever we want to be. We are blessed. We are FREE.