Save or Splurge: Summer Bags

There is a saying in the Philippines which goes: “Habang maiksi ang kumot, matutong mamaluktot.” (verbatim translation: If the blanket is short, learn to curl.)

This is very applicable to people who are broke yet go above and beyond, borrowing money just so they would look good. I have personally known a handful of them.

I am not trying to throw shade because (at one point in my life) I can even consider to be guilty of such.

I am a mood-dresser. Everything depends on my mood. Since I am moody, I dress accordingly. For someone who is not obsessed with TREND, I collect beautiful things and match (or mismatch) them. My addiction is shopping, mainly shoes. Sometimes bags. And I tend to go overboard.

Most recently I had a relapse. But this is because I got promoted from my job and I needed new clothes. And shoes. And bags. NO! I don’t really need them. Everything just blew out of proportions. Let’s stick to relapse.

As a recovering (yet again!) shopaholic, I stopped myself and tried so hard to motivate myself to do something more advantageous as opposed to destructive. Yes, I have self-destruction tendencies. So what I did, I channeled all my energy to something else. I also decided to put my money elsewhere. I have another project in mind which I can disclose once it materialize. Listen, it’s too early to celebrate.


Being married to The Hubsy (aka Mr. Pennypincher) his thriftiness rubbed off on me. I am now equipped with the knowledge of where to get good deals and discounts. I’m not saying I’m an expert. I’m saying I am now woke!

As you know, I am the Princess of Haggling, my Mom is the Queen. When we were vacationing in Bali, Indonesia I asked our Personal Tour Guide to bring us to the Market. I shunned all expensive shops and directly dove to the good old fashioned MARKET of Bali.

I found some bags inspired from the Fashion Bloggers I love:

One of my fave blogger Camille @itscamilleco

On my previous post, I wrote about how I haggled 2 bags for $29 (here)

Amazing stuff to be found here: @kuna_official

This bag was more expensive than the other 2 but I still managed to get it for a good price.

Janina @janinamanipol

This is the second bag of the $29 loot

Sai @thesandgypsy

Nicole @nicoleandersson

And this one is my favorite because it has a sling as well. When you go to Bali, do not be scared to haggle. Think of it this way, if they say NO then you can move along. There’s an entire strip for you to choose from.

In my case, I am actually just looking for a specific store which caters to what I wanted. Not all stores offer quality products. You need to have the EYE.

I love haggling. I also love expensive things which unfortunately I cannot haggle with. Hello? Have you ever heard of someone going to Louis Vuittton haggling? Probably not.

This is why I did not went to big shops in Bali. You cannot haggle there. Same reason why I love Poshmark more than eBay. But we can tackle about that some other time.

Remember: Let’s ACT OUR WAGE! Xx