King Richard’s Faire

King Richard’s Faire is a renaissance fair held in Carver, Massachusetts, which recreates a 16th-century marketplace, including handmade crafts, foods, musicians, singers, dancers, minstrels, mimes, jugglers, whippers, magicians, comedians, puppeteers, gymnasts, exotic animals (including Siberian tigers and ligers), acrobats, mud beggars, stilt walkers, knights jousting on horseback, a royal court, and the fictional King Richard. King Richard’s Faire is the longest-running renaissance fair in New England. (source: wikipedia)

A few years back, I was hesitant to visit this place because I was never a FAN of the medieval era. However, I love dressing-up and any chance I get, I grab it with much gusto.


This is the only thing which scares me to death. Everytime I’m here the only thing that calms me is if I have a place to run to if in case one of them run amuck. Paranoia alert!

Taken a few years back, my Nephew Ondrej was still so young. Now he’s 10 and possibly taller than me.A couple of years, we went back with my fave Canadian couple and we had a great time.

They have a version of FPJ’s Ang Panday (a Philippine fantasy action movie which literally means, The Blacksmith.)

The Queen and His Royal Highness, King Richard. Make sure you have time to attend the PARADE, it’s FUN.

Last year, The Hubsy brought me back to King Richard’s Faire and my in-law’s gave me money to buy myself a TIARA.

This is a shareable meal and tasty too.

I also bought a flower crown just in case. I wanted to ride the pony but I guess I’m overweight.

Mandatory Cage Photo

TBH, I probably will no longer go to the Faire just because there are still gazillion places to explore in New England. However, if one of my nieces and nephews decides to visit during the Faire Season, might as well bring them here.

As I’ve said, it’s ALWAYS Fun to forget about your age from time to time. After all, it’s just a number. Xx

Address: 235 Main St, Carver, MA 02330Phone: (508) 866-5391
Genre: Renaissance fair
Inaugurated: 1982
Dates: September and October