Fashion Finds: Rattan Summer Bags from Bali

Fashion is an integral part of this generation. Few would say otherwise but in this age of selfies, majority will agree that FASHION should always be on point.

Or should I say, on Fleek?

This summer Rattan bags are considered a fashion staple. Asians were the first to use it until famous bloggers around the world started following suit. Then the inevitable happened, it was TRENDING.

Is it safe to say though that Asians possess FASHION in their DNA?

Sai @thesandgypsy 

Camille @itscamilleco

A few months back, I went to Bali Indonesia.

One of the reason why I picked Bali is because I was obsessed with their bags. Okay, of course that was not the main reason but that was one of them.

Our Personal Tour Guide went above and beyond to help us find the perfect place to shop. It was our first time to go to Bali hence we needed assistance. I strongly suggest that you specifically ask NOT to be brought to a BIG (mainstream) shopping arcade because they usually bring you there to get a commission. It was a complete waste of time to be brought to a huge high-end silver shop because (first) I did not went there to shop for silver, (second) We were lead to believe that we will tour “SILVER Craftsmanship” but it came out to be a SHOP. (third) It took almost 2 hours of travel from the hotel (and different direction to the next place) just to see a store. So it was a little shady for me and I spoke with the Tour Guide that I want to be brought to the market. I want to be able to put my haggling expertise to work. (Lastly) I am not an amateur to how the hospitality industry works. I can feel that whenever we go to a HUGE shop it was to their liking for the sole purpose of commissions. The products are not that great anyway.

After much explanation to the Tour Guide, I asked to be brought to the legit market where I can show-off my haggling skills of olympic proportions.

Here are the Rattan Bags I bought from Ubud Market:

The vendors told me that each bag costs 500 thousand rupiah (equivalent to $35 per bag) but I am not called the Haggling Princess (my Mom’s the Queen!) for nothing if I do not demonstrate my expertise.

After much deliberation, the vendor finally gave in to my original offer of 410 thousand rupiah (equivalent to $29) for both bags.

YES, I am a bad-ass!

Don’t get me wrong, I know that markets are saturated with vendors. I also know how to gauge if I am being ridiculous with my offer. A vendor will always negotiate a price which is rational for them. But because Bali is a tourist destination and these bags are high commodity they will mark-up 100% (of the original price) to which I will haggle down to 60% off and we will meet to a conclusion reasonable to both parties.

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