Sunshine x Sunnies

Q: Why do we need SUNGLASSES?
A: “Sunglasses can help your eyes in two important ways. They enhance the normal light-filtering capabilities of your eyes and they protect against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays that cause amongst other conditions cataracts and retinal dysfunction.” (source:

If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed 80% of my photos I am wearing sunglasses. I have been obsessed with sunglasses since I was in College, you kinda need those when you have a massive hangover. Or after over-nighters. Or to look COOL. But mainly during massive hangovers.

Here’s a throwback example, with my friends Ibay & Danda

A couple of months ago, I was vacationing in the Philippines and chanced upon gazillion SUNNIES shops. In case you don’t know, Filipinos love to go to the mall because of the humidity (outside) and (inside) free air-conditioning. Plus the fact that we LOVE (love, love, love) shopping. So much that if shopping is a Sport, we would’ve won the OLYMPICS.

SUNNIES are very affordable, cute and trendy. It will be a shame not to buy those extremely cute sunnies while I was there.

In case you want to know the STYLE names:

DANI / This is probably one of my faves. It looks COOL and bad-ass.

BIANCA / I love tortoises, they are so flattering and classy. I probably have gazillion of tortoises in my collection.

ROBBIE / I have been wearing this almost everyday. I take the bus whenever The Hubsy can’t bring me to work (I don’t drive) and there are lots of crazies so I always put on my headphones and wear this sunnies and NO ONE bothers me.
KELSEY / I wore this in the Philippines because it’s cute and has the RETRO vibe.

ELSA / This is so posh! Audrey Hepburn meets Victoria Beckham.

KYLE / Not a big fan of sunglasses with nose pads (I have really flat nose and the nose pads hurts) but this one is so cute. At the very least, I can give this to the Hubsy if it starts to leave a mark on my non-existent nose bridge.

SUMMER SORBET / So time relevant this summer. Cool and Fresh!

Growing up, I never really learned how to swim. I get totally intimidated by the sea. But I can float to save my life, except if I get cramps. Then I’m dead. But that’s another story.

I do love the Beach. I just don’t like to swim. I tried snorkeling in Boracay before (prior to the scandal enveloping Boracay ATM) and usually go for a dip but I will never go swimming in the middle of an ocean. Never will I scuba dive or (worse) swim with the sharks. I’m adventurous but NOT that adventurous. No, thank you.

I admire the sea from afar. Like the time we went to the OUTERBANKS – North Carolina to attend The Hubsy’s bestfriend’s wedding. It was absolutely beautiful. The wedding, the people, the beach, my solitude and our amazing room with ocean view.

The vacation house (Outerbanks- North Carolina)
Surreal with occasional sightings of dolphins from this spot.

Vitamin SEA all day

This summer, I will most definitely be seen with all my new SUNNIES. I don’t personally like the tiny sunglasses trending right now simply because I do not follow TREND. I dress (or accessorize) depending on my mood. Plus the fact that I do not look good on those teenie-tiny sunglasses. Who does anyway? I think only Kendall Jenner looks good on those.

Just a simple reminder for everyone this SUMMER:

Don’t be shady. WEAR SHADES.