The Ming Chronicles

Summer of Last year, we saw this cat in our Backyard. My Boss, Christie gave me 2 boxes of cat food (because Missy, her fur-baby didn’t like them) and I started feeding the Cat everyday.

The Hubsy called her Smokey because of her gray coat. I am (on the other hand) from the tropical island of the Philippines and we call most cats, Ming. Don’t ask me why. I do not have an answer. Nor am I interested of knowing. Perhaps I need to be influenced by the Cat’s curiosity. But that’s another story.

By Fall, it started to be cold and I barely saw Ming. It could also be due to schedule conflict, but rarely saw her. When I see her, I feed her and when I don’t I just assume she was at her own house. Wherever it is.

One`cold day, I woke up from a noise outside our hallway. You see, we live on the 2nd floor of an old apartment. I got a knife with me (thinking it was a burglar or some random crazy person) and opened the door and there she was, staring at me. I called The Hubsy and we fed her for a few days and started asking our neighbors if they knew Ming but no one seems to.

So that’s it. The cat adopted us. Ming decided we are her new parents. She choose us. We were summoned.

After almost 6 months, we fully succumbed to her will. We embraced her in our lives and to solidify this new relationship, we brought her to the vet.

This year, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day as a new Fur-Mama. I’m not sure where this new-found bundle of joy will lead us but The Hubsy and I are both happy she picked us.

And even if she like to sniff my bags or anything I’m trying to take a photo of, she will always be loved.

Especially because we both share the LOVE for cat-naps…

Sometimes I get to thinking if she’s happy with us. She kinda look grumpy most of the time. But she definitely waits for me until I come home from work. She brought me a “present” one time and I told her not to. She is still free to go out and have fun with other strays (one time she brought a male cat) but she always comes back home.

Before, she was only allowed in our hallway but now she can freely come inside our apartment. Except for my “closet-room” because though my asthma was not as bad as before, I still get it from time to time. Especially when she sleeps on top of the laundry.

The Hubsy on the other hand, spoil her. She always has presents and toys. When I asked The Hubsy how about my present? He asked if I also needed catnips. Cute. Just cute.

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