The Flaring Nostrils: An Introduction

Q: Why do nostrils flare?
A: Nasal flaring, which occurs when the opening of someone’s nose enlarges, is a sign that someone is expending increased effort to breathe or is having difficulty breathing. Although it often occurs as a function of normal breathing, flaring nostrils can on occasion be a sign of illness or a serious disorder. (source:

When I was a kid I had this fire inside me longing to be a writer. I had a diary when I was in grade/high school and eventually kept a journal during college. I took up Communication Arts thinking I will someday become a legit writer. (yes, I used the word legit instead of legitimate because I am surrounded by millennials hence the influence. hey, don’t judge!)

A few days back I was faced with a question: Who is my first LOVE? And after much deliberation (between me, myself and I) I realized that my First Love was never a WHO but a WHAT.

Writing has always been my First Love. It’s like a beer (never really liked one, btw) it soothes you when you’re warm and comforts you when you’re cold. Writing was the answer as to why I do not need a psychiatrist. It absolutely saved me a lot of money. Believe it or not.

This is why I created my new blog. For years I was obsessed of making a blog about anything that interests other people. For years, I was an advocate of SELF-LOVE. Yet there I was, writing for others.

The Flaring Nostrils is about anything under the SUN. It is whatever that makes my heart skips a bit. Anything that makes me laugh, cry, angry and all other emotions invoked in this age of uninnocence. It is about Fashion and Travel and Life in general. It is about Music and Poetry and Memes. Yes, I included memes because it makes me laugh. And anything that makes my nostrils flare gives me life.

This platform is never intended for “serious” people. In the spirit of #spreadthelove movement, please do not FOLLOW or Read this blog. However, if you are looking for FUN bottled with sarcasm I think you are in the right direction. Click right ahead…

My name is Leya, and this is THE FLARING NOSTRILS.